Small Things That Have a Big Effect on Your Store

When you create a business, you usually think of ways to improve your chances of success and ways to get the most of  your products. You might think of selling different things, trying to appeal to a different niche, or upgrading your business premises to be more comforting. These are all very large changes and they take a considerable amount of time to complete, but have you ever considered the smaller things?


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There are fine details in every business that add a very large effect. Anything from the way you greet your customers to the colour of the lighting you use in your business can add subtle effects that could make or break a sale. These types of tricks have been used for years in the supermarket industry. For instance, have you ever wondered why the refresh produce section is always at the front of a supermarket? That’s because the bright colours and differently shaped fruits have a positive effect on our minds and they put us in a good mood.


Marketing experts are very aware of the psychological effect that our senses have when it comes to making a sale. Most of these small changes are very subtle and we never notice them until someone tells us, but can you use these ideas to help your business succeed? Absolutely!


Brighten Up Your Premises


The more lights there are surrounding your business, the more likely people will come to your sparkling, brightly-lit and happy-looking business. You can introduce more light into your premises by using LED searchlights that will highlight your business when people walk or drive past, giving your store an air of importance.


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Colours Are Important


As mentioned before, the bright colours and shapes of produce at the front of a supermarket help to put us in a positive mood for shopping. Colours are important, so it makes sense to have colours that put us in the correct mood for our business. If you run a quiet cafe on the corner of a busy street, then you want to give your patrons a relaxing place to drink a cup of coffee and wind down away from the busy street. This means you should use muted, quiet colours or pastel shades to induce a feeling of comfort.


Fewer Items


The fewer items you have, the fewer choices your customers have to make and the more determined they are when they buy something. Imagine having a single computer in your store with 50 different configurations. You’d have to explain each one, tell them what it’s good for and the compromises they have to make for choosing one model over another. Choice is always a good thing, but when you’re trying to make a sale, stick to fewer choices.


A welcoming member of staff is going to make more sales than someone that looks grumpy and upset. Teach your staff (and yourself) to smile when dealing with customers. Be approachable but not creepy, and always try to make your customers feel welcome. You’re more likely to make sales, they’re more likely to come back, and everyone is happy.

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