Why Automation Isn’t Just A Buzzword Anymore

You’ve heard it said time and time again: time is money. But is your business using time as well as it could be?


When you think about it, practically everything in your business can be broken down into a series of tasks that can either be performed by a person or a machine. Some things, machines are really good at, like adding up numbers on a spreadsheet. But other things, like interacting with customers, are best left to humans.


For years, we’ve continued in this happy medium, thinking we know which jobs are best suited to machines and which jobs are best suited to humans. But recent advances in technology is flipping our common sense on its head. Things like computer software and deep learning are making machines a lot more capable, and now they’re able to do tasks we once thought were strictly in the human realm.


The good news for employers is that they can now automate a lot more of their processes. Here are some of the tasks you never knew you could automate.


Posting To Social Networks


Once upon a time (not particularly long ago if we’re honest) companies had to employ an actual person to post messages on social media. But doing that is expensive and inconvenient since you constantly need somebody there to press the button and to publish content online.




But over the last couple of years, social media websites have become a lot more sophisticated. They now allow you to produce all the content up front and then schedule the times when you’d like it published on various social media platforms. By frontloading like this, you can get all your content created on, say, a Monday morning, and then forget about it for the rest of the week.


Dealing With Employee HR


In the past, dealing with an employee absence involved a lot of paperwork and a certain degree of legal risk. But, thanks to some rather clever software developments, companies don’t have to do as much legwork when processing these issues as before. Instead, they can rely on their computer systems to process a whole bunch of employee-related issues, including lateness, absenteeism and so on, all while doing so in a way that is compliant with the law.




Backing Up Computers




Backing up computers was once something companies had to do in-house using their own IT departments staff. It was a time-consuming and laborious process which often involved physically disconnecting and reconnect hard drives from servers. None of that is necessary anymore, thanks to the rise of the cloud. The cloud allows companies to store information and copy information, all at the click of a button. It also allows companies to reduce their costs, thanks to the fact that they no longer have to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of their own servers.


Syndicated Web Content


Another big time drain in business is navigating the web to find pertinent information, which is why the now-defunct Google RSS reader was so popular. The good news is that there are now alternatives, like Feedburner, which will collect all relevant news online into a single feed.


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