Grow Your Business Into A Giant With This Advice

Every business starts with an awesome product or service, something unique that no one else is offering. But you need to get the word out there. Without a steady stream of customers and ways to ensure your business continues to grow, you are in a tough position. Check out these few simple methods of getting your business noticed.


Actively Use Social Media


More and more consumers are turning to the world of social media when they are looking for goods and services. It’s not enough to just harp on about how great your business is – you need to think of ways to actively encourage people to follow your accounts. Sure, it’s important to let people know what you are offering, but you should also mix this information in with interesting links and news items directly related to your industry sector. If you are linking this information with your own blog posts, all the better. Just think about it this way: nobody wants to be friends with the person who is constantly talking about themselves.


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And, also set up an Instagram account. While many businesses stick exclusively to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is becoming bigger than ever and could be a great way of tapping into a market that is being neglected.


Don’t Purchase Backlinks


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It’s important for SEO that your website has links back to it from various sources around the web, but these should be obtained on a free basis. Paid links are a link, and search engines are starting to wise up about them and punishing websites with lower rankings. If you have some partner organisations, try to get them to post your links up or alternatively, have a go at some guest blogging on the sites of a few trusted sources.


Brand Your Business Right


Branding is hugely important in any modern business. Your logo and colour scheme are what people will start to associate with your, and it gives you much more of a professional look if you have a strong brand. Get some branded business cards made up, clearly displaying your contact information. Take a look at Hoxton Mix if you are looking for a virtual office in London to give your business an edge. Make sure you have ample material with your brand on it including your website, stationery and anything clients are likely to get their hands on.


Learn the Ways of PR


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Whether this is by hiring a PR professional or learning some tricks of the trade yourself, PR has been proven to reach audiences that direct advertising and marketing cannot. PR works by getting third party publications on board to promote your business, creating a sense of trust amongst consumers. If a perceived objective third party is talking about how fantastic your business is, people are much more likely to sit up and take notice. If your business is big enough, it may be worth outsourcing your PR needs to an agency that can do all the legwork for you.


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