Making Green From Going Green


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Wind farms seem to be cropping up everywhere, and rightly so. What better way to harness and store power that to use the natural resources provided to us by nature, by the environment. Renewable sources of energy are the future, and that is why they are now sitting off coastlines and stand proudly onshore. They use no fuel and generate no emissions and that is incredible. That is something to get onboard with and, luckily for you, that is an absolute possibility. Starting a wind farm is not just your way to safeguard the earth’s future and give something back to nature, but a profitable business too, what with government incentives and grants and subsidies. But what do you need to get into the wind game.



You are going to need to know whether the land you have or the land you are planning to purchase, has the minimum amount of wind considered usable. This is typically around an annual average of between 9 and 12 mph. Of course, if you aren’t sure of what the average is, you can purchase or lease anemometre systems that will be able to give you exact measurements and readings. However, the longer you leave these systems in place the better, because the wind can change over seasons, over terrains and over the course of a day.



When it comes to having your own wind farm, or even just your own wind turbine, you will need to take into consideration any obstacles that may stand in your way. It could be that the community doesn’t want onshore turbines in their village, or it could be that your land is a prominent area for wildlife and any turbines would affect this, possibly even endangered. It could be that you require a special relationship with regards to the maintenance and you require a specialist who can quickly supply you with parts, such as thk linear bearings. It could be that it interrupts air space. There are a lot of things to take into consideration.



You may have the land, but without the money to buy the turbines you are going to struggle. As such, it may be worth leasing the land you have to a wind farm developer. As such, you will sign agreement that allows them to lease your land, and in return your receive a percentage of the profits or a fixed fee per annum. This approach is extremely attractive to a lot of people because it reduces the risk. How? Well, it saves you having to complete complex research, engineering tasks and financial down-payments. However, it also means that you will take a significant reduction on the amount of profit you could make if you were to go it alone.



When it comes to buying wind turbines, your best friend is going to be proactive research. Go online. Speak to people who have done it; people that have succeeded and people that have failed. See which harness the most power. See what heights they offer. See which are the most reliable. All of this research will benefit you.


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