You Won’t Be a Entrepreneur Until You’ve Read This Advice

Stop for a moment and think about all the people in the world. There are roughly 7.5 billion people in the world as of 2017, and that number is set to continue increasing. Out of that ridiculous amount of people, only a tiny fraction of them will become successful entrepreneurs in their lifetime. It’s time for a reality check: you are probably not going to be in that pool of people. It’s just the cold hard truth that somewhere out there, there is someone who is thinking of the same ideas that you are but they have more willpower, more resources and more assistance to get their idea off the floor and into the sky.




Facing Adversity


If you’re still reading then you have already passed the first test. One of the things that an entrepreneur must understand is that everyone is going to be against them. Your parents might be against you quitting your job to start a business, your friends might be against you leaving the city to look for better opportunities elsewhere, other companies are going to be against you reaching into their industries—the list goes on. You have to be willing to say “no” when you mean no and pursue your goals like a rabid animal because that’s the only way you are going to succeed.


No Business Is Alone


There isn’t a single business around that doesn’t rely on another business for one thing or another. If you run a transportation company or a complex logistics network, then you’re going to hire a company like New Era Fuels to provide you with the fuel you need to keep your vehicles operating. If you have a dozen or more computers in your office, then you need to hire a tech support company to help you deal with networking issues, hardware problems or software bugs. If you are producing toys and gifts for customers, then you need to hire a factory to produce all of your items until you can afford a factory of your own. In other words, stop assuming that an entrepreneur is self-sufficient and only has to rely on themselves.




Public Presence Is Important


There are very few entrepreneurs who hide in the shadows. The truth is, the more exposure you get, the more people will know about you and your business. You have to be outgoing, you have to be hardworking, and you have to be willing to make public appearances and be covered by the media. But you also need thick skin to survive the criticism of other people and to not be embarrassed at whatever the news sites decide to report on you. Let them speak what they want and let the haters hate. Your goal is to become successful from your business ventures, not through media attention. Use the media as a means to expand your reach instead of thinking of it as a means to get money.


Final Words
Above are perhaps the three most important components of becoming a successful entrepreneur. If you understand all three points, then you’re well on your way to landing your first successful venture. Just keep in mind that not everyone will succeed on their first try and everyone will fail at some point in their lives. Stick to it, keep your chin up, and make your own success.

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