Getting Prepared for an Air Conditioner Purchase

Purchasing an air conditioner requires some preparation to insure that you get the most possible from the purchase, installation and service of your units. It’s an important investment that will play a key role in your home energy expenses for years to come. And when the summer heat is at its worst, you’ll want your family to have the best, most reliable cooling comfort possible. Here are a few steps to take to prepare you for your next air conditioner purchase.

  1. Only Hire Professionals

There are many companies that provide and install air conditioning, but not all are the same. Before you consider what kind of air conditioning unit is best for you, you’ll want to choose the right contractor for the job. The quality of the unit is really important, but so is the contractor, because the quality of the installation is a major factor in your getting the performance and results from your air conditioner.

You should only deal with the top professionals who provide the best products and service. They are licensed and HVAC certified and this ensures that you get a company that will answer your questions correctly, advise and direct you to the products and services you need, and will stand behind their work. When you enlist the help of a licensed and certified HVAC professional for your air conditioning installation, they will take every precaution to make sure you get the right system, and that it gets the care it needs to live up to your expectations, with the most possible efficiency.

  1. Have a Heating and Cooling Load Calculation Performed

A reputable AC contractor will conduct a thorough heating and cooling load calculation to determine the right size unit for your space. This is a very detailed calculation that comprises all relevant factors of your home including its structure, windows, roof, the direction it is facing, and its location. All of these factors combine to point to the right size and type of unit and related equipment needed. The contractor will go over this report with you with you in detail, and make sure you understand why he is making his recommendations.

  1. Clean and Seal Ducts

Ducts are how air is moved from the unit into each room and their cleanliness and seal will determine both the quality and efficiency of the air that reaches you and your family. Over time ducts collect dirt and dust and you do not want to introduce this often decades old dust and dirt into your brand-new air conditioning system. So to insure you are getting clean air, make sure the ducts are cleaned by the HVAC contractor. You should also insure that the ducts do not contain leaks that will allow the air to escape and not end up where you want it. Leaky ducts will also increase your electricity bills. Have your contractor inspect your duct system for dirt dust and leaks. If any are located, they should be immediately dealt with.

  1. Make Sure There is Clear Access to Work Areas

After choosing the right contractor and picking the air conditioner you’d like to have installed, you will want to make sure there is easy access to the areas where any work will be performed. These areas will include, indoor and outdoor stairs, porches and decks, hallways, and the place where the unit will be installed. For the parts of the unit to be installed outside, make sure that the path and location is cleared of branches, leaves, rubbish or any other materials that either block or inhibit the unit from being placed in its desired location. And make sure to clear away anything that might cause a hazard or danger for the contractor. These include: clothing, toys, and garden tools. Finally, you should cage any pets, so they are out of the way. You should also expect that the contractor will clean up after the work is done!

When you buy a new air conditioning unit to replace your old one, or if a completely new system is being installed in your new home you need to be prepared to hire the right company and get your home ready for the installation.

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