Beach Hopping and Berry-Picking in California!

One of the best things about 2016 is that I am currently on my third vacation in California this year! I have just had the most extensive spring and summer semesters at the university and this was a timely and much needed break.

Road trips are one of my favourite ways to spend a holiday and helps me make the most of a vacation. A trip along the coast of  California, checking out the state beaches and the organic farms pretty much fits the bill.

Here is the map of how the coast line looks:

beaches of monterey bay


My trip with some of my favourite people took me to Santa Cruz to Monterey and several beaches all throughout the way. It brought me up close to the historic lighthouse at Pigeon Point,  Pescadero  and try and spot some whales and visit the berry farms of Davenport. Though I did not stop by the several farms doted along the way, I saw aeroponics in action and several small scale businesses specializing in hand crafted merchandise.

Among the numerous beaches, we covered the Natural Bridges at Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay at San Mateo and Moss Landing at Monterey. We spend a lot of time in the Half Moon Bay area where the Famous Light house is located.

Here is the story through pictures

The Historic Light House at Pigeon Point , Pascadero and the famed whale-watching point.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Swanton Berry Farm at Davenport and its culture based on Societal Civility, and Honor system! Here at Swanton, you can pick your own berries, taste a variety of artisanal jams and gorge on ethereal delights!



Tip for those who have not traveled this road: Both Santa Cruz and Monterey are great places to break your journey, stop over for a meal, explore and maybe, stay the night.

Hope you liked the post. Tell us about your favorite holiday destinations in California or elsewhere and how do you like to spend your ideal vacation!


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