The Ethereal Wedding Dresses and where to find them

Weddings are considered to be the most special day in a girl’s life. She is surrounded by her loved ones and is dressed from head to toe in the finest of clothing and jewellery.

Indian wedding dresses are all about rich, vibrant colours, quixotic hues and glittering ornaments. The bride is ornately robed in the magnificent silks and velvets to make her shine and stand out. It is the beautifully constructed and crafted apparels that make the bride so ethereal and regal. Since the bride wants to stand out, designers are challenged every day to create a work of art that will make the dress and its owner be the queen of the night. Everyday a new trend such as low waist skirts and high topped lehenga, kurta lehenga, contrast lehenga, saree or salwaar is created. Each one of them designed with intricate mirror, stone or threat work and royal colours.


The style and creation of wedding apparels have changed so much over the years and designers all over India are creating master pieces in their studios. With every season, come a new panache, technique and fashion when it comes to designing wedding apparels.


2016 is the year of trails and designers are incorporating trails in wedding sarees, anarkalis and gowns. Brides are a stunning embodiment of charm charming and poise and the look isn’t complete without these perfect and elegant wedding dresses themselves.

The trail, which is currently the number one trend in the fashion industry is adding so much richness and splendour to the lehengas. Another trend which designers are loving is the ombre. Ombre is currently taking over the hair and nail industry so it was about time that it stepped into the fashion world. Ombre kurtis, lehengas, sarees, and dresses are creating quite a buzz and a wide range of them are available online. Ombre designs add so much more depth and romance in a dress. This style is perfect for the wedding season and can be experimented with a variety of colours.

There is an enormous collection of designs and works to pick from these days. They are available in both stores and online. Richly designed and vividly coloured, these apparels are there to make a bride’s day. Weddings are an auspicious and extraordinary day, even more so for the bride and groom. Our age old traditional apparels combined with the craftsmanship of the designers make the day even more distinct and memorable for the brides.




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Author: Anya

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