British Airways and The Art of Loving India

Here is something I just could not help overhear at a seminar the other day. Being in the United States for my studies, I generally get to hear a lot of talk about India.

As I proceeded to get a chocolate cookie and some pretzels, I heard two researchers discussing their work and travel plans. One of them said, “I just got back from India last night.”

Her friend said, “Oh that sounds amazing! I am so jealous of you. How was India?”

“It was incredible. I had a great experience.”

I couldn’t help smiling at what I had just heard. I came over to the states a few months ago to study for an advanced degree in Biotechnology and Business. And one of my biggest plans involve working with the bio-energy sector back home in India.


India has a way of wrapping you up and taking you around with all the incredible sights, sounds and tastes. You feel lost, excited and overwhelmed at the same time with all that the country has to offer. You find yourself immersed in exhilaration and falling in love. And its all the more evident from an outside perspective!

Turns out, the British Airways in this heartwarming video inspired by a real story have succeeded in weaving the process of falling in love with the country through human interactions! It tells a beautiful story of cabin member’s experience with people and forming lifelong memories and deep bonds.

The fact that was most striking for me was that the old lady in the video reminded me of my beloved grandmother who’s back home and I miss her a lot. I dare say, this new angle of adding the human touch and relations was very memorable, effective and heartwarming indeed. Its all about personalization and human interactions, the core of anything great.


Having been in India for 90 years, British Airways have streamlined their services to match and reflect Indian hospitality and heartwarming love. They have integrated their services with comfort of home with several, meal plan variations to in-flight entertainment from back home. They have integrated it all in a motto, “Loving back”.


Cutting out all the noise, the marketers have truly struck a cord with real, touching stories of friendship and mutual respect. They have brought out what builds the service or the brand: the people involved! They have reached out with the stories of the people who run the operations and strengthen human bond with invaluable interaction. This has indeed added the humane touch and these real connections builds a brand and creates a bond with people. This is far removed from the clinical, detached marketing, branding and services that you see all around.

With 49 flights a week from Heathrow to major Indian cities, and their customized hospitality, theirs is a story of resounding success.

Not to mention, they have captured the very essence of Indian hospitality and culture and presented it on a nice airborne, picture frame.


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