IT Security For Your Business: What You Need To Know

Never has the success of our businesses been more dependent on IT than now. In fact, some businesses are now entirely online and utterly dependent on their IT infrastructure. Without it, their operations would cease. At best they’d lose a lot of money and at worse, they’d go out of business, shattering the lives of all involved.

That’s why it’s so essential to becoming familiar with the latest IT solutions available for business. These solutions help to manage some of the risk involved in running an enterprise that relies so extensively on computers.


Security and integrity of data are essential to business, especially in the modern knowledge economy. We need to make sure that our inventories are managed, our customer data are secure and that our delivery schedules run as planned.

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Modern businesses need a comprehensive solution that covers all possible lines of attack. A basic security package will deliver antivirus and firewall, of course. But excellent network security services will do much more than this. Make sure that your provider can prevent malware and ransomware, and enables you to detect intrusions. You also want to make sure that they can secure connectivity, prevent theft of data, ensure the integrity of your data and prevent spam.

Disaster Recovery and Managed IT Support

Let’s say that the worst happens and your systems go down. What do you do next? What most businesses will do is ring up their IT support line. On the phone, the support company will go through a list of possible troubleshooting options. It’s likely that they won’t work and so they’ll send out a technician to come to your site to physically address the problem. Maybe the same day, maybe the next.

In the meantime, your operations have come to a halt and you’re not making money. That can potentially be very costly to your business.

Managed IT services are a solution to this problem. With a managed IT service, an external company takes over the monitoring of your systems. What’s more, they can deal with disasters remotely at their end. A lot of the time problems can be sorted out without you ever realising something was wrong. That means fewer disasters and less downtime, and more time spent focusing on making your business a success.


Cutting your IT bill is essential. And virtualisation is one trick that allows you to do this. Virtualization allows you to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single machine. This means that you save on your electricity bill. It also means that it’s easy to move, copy and backup files between virtual machines.

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Upload To The Cloud

Businesses have been buzzing about the utility of the cloud ever since the idea was first conceived. But now the cloud is real and out there. When you use the cloud you’re actually distributing your information over multiple, external servers. Each of these servers is backed up.

Using the cloud gives you supreme flexibility. It allows your employees to access your IT infrastructure from any location and protects you from power outages.  

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