Subtle Marketing Techniques You Need To Consider

It goes without saying that the best way to market your business is with sleight of hand. The subtle approach is often the best approach because consumers hate campaigns that firms try to force feed down their throat. Instead, they prefer the natural technique as it is not bold or brash. Your business, therefore, may be considering making a change to its marketing strategy. If it is, and you are looking to be more subtle, you will need to use the right techniques. Below is a couple of examples that work without being ostentatious.


A Business Card


Anyone that tells you that a business card is obsolete is a liar. Or, they know nothing about marketing. The truth is that a business card still works, and will always work thanks to its subtlety. At the end of the day, it is a small card with your contact details on and maybe a logo. It fits easily into a pocket, and it doesn’t take up much space. But, on the flip side, it is a constant reminder of your brand. The logo and contact details are bound to stick in someone’s head, plus they are always on hand in case they need a second reference. Go to to find out how to make a good impression with a business card.

business cards



A Lanyard


Yes, lanyards are a legitimate form of advertising. And, yes it is because they are subtle that makes them so effective. In fact, your customers may not even realize that they are being targeted such is their subtlety. A personalized lanyard with your logo or brand name emblazoned on the side is sure to stick in the customer’s head. As long as they notice it, they won’t be able to ignore it. Whether they notice it consciously or subconsciously, they will notice it and that will help raise awareness of your brand. If you are considering buying some, go to or search for more suppliers through Google.


Email Signature


The average person receives hundreds of emails in a single week. As a result, an email signature is a great tool in the armory of your business. For starters, an email can cheaply and easily make them more aware of your business. But, it can also cement your brand in their mind. If they are reading your email signature on a daily basis, they will turn to you when they need a service or product you supply. The signature is like drilling into their heads and placing your business right in the middle of their consciousness.

gift cards



Offers After The Fact


Just because you have closed the deal doesn’t mean that the gig is over. Indeed, it is only just beginning. A conversion or a sale is not a sign to stop – it is a sign to keep going. You now that they are interested in your brand and that they want to do business with you. To exploit this, offer them transactional messages like a coupon. A coupon rewards them for the service and encourages them to come back a second time.


There is no better way to market than to provide your customers with added value.


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