Running a Restaurant is Both Challenging and Rewarding

Many people are turning to the running of a restaurant as their next business venture. It is easy to see why; the benefits of owning your own restaurant are many. As far as business ideas go, owning a restaurant is one of the more enjoyable, and the more rewarding. The other side to that, of course, is that it is also extremely challenging. Many people get into the gastronomical industry because they see it, in one way or another, as ‘easy’ business. Unfortunately, this is not an accurate depiction. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. There are significant successes to be had, so long as the potential restaurant owner doesn’t fall prey to certain common errors. Let’s go through some of those now so that you can be prepared if you start your own restaurant.



‘The Big Three’


There is a concept in the restaurant world of the ‘Big Three’, and this is where you need to start your journey. If you want to run your own restaurant – and, more to the point, you want it to be successful – then following this is a must. So what are the Big Three? A great chef, a great location, and a great concept. The first of these three should be fairly obvious; a decent head chef is an obvious must. However, the other two are often overlooked, or at least not given due attention. It is advisable for any budding restaurant owner to spend a good deal of time considering both the concept and the location of the restaurant.


Know Your Customers


Market research is a central part of the running of any business. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a restaurant is any different. This, again, is a common error. People start restaurants because they are excited about the idea of it. Too often, when it comes to the business side of proceedings, those people fail. You need to get a proper balance between the two, and market research is a massive aspect of the business side. So make sure you get to know your customers really well even before you have cut that red tape.





Now on to the less attractive, but equally important, side of things. Compliance deserves its own heading, simply because of the number of restaurants that close down every year from ignoring it. As a business owner, you should be doing everything within your power to ensure that your restaurant stays compliant with the law. That means abiding by any health and safety directives. It means food standards need to be adhered to. It means a no-nonsense approach to ID age verification when selling alcohol. Keeping your restaurant compliant is one of the kindest things you can do for its success – and for the safety of your customers.




We have all had poor experiences at restaurants. The food arrived late and cold; the waiting staff were rude. More often than not, the reason that these experiences occur is down to a lack of sufficient communication. From the outset, ensure that your staff are a happy, communicative team. Otherwise, you might find that your customers start to suffer, and that is no way to do business.


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