Vacation in California: Sights, Sounds and Experiences

A trip to California  was yet another unplanned, spontaneous trip and my third major travel in December alone while I tread the waters of sole proprietorship in 2015. In fact, this is my first blog post written on foreign soil and frankly I had no idea I would be vacationing in California during the last week of the year. Hooorahh!!

I will design this post in a slightly different manner to test it out and the expand on individual areas of the trip (including the expenses involved) in future posts.


December 26: Reached California and my hostess took me on a trip around the place on the day of arrival so that I get a general feel of it. Its really cold and chilly and all I could think of is the cold and the jetlag. I popped into bed by 6 pm tired and disoriented.

December 27: Visited San Francisco, walked along the pier, went to Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, popped in and out of the house of mirrors, had lunch and hung out before returning.


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December 28: Went to San Francisco, had a feel of the downtown, had Calamari at the Cheese Cake Factory under the open air in the chilly winter morning. Let me tell you, that’s an experience in itself.


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December 29: Took a long walk around Lake Elizabeth in Fremont and went shopping in the local areas for my trips ahead and for my stay here.


December 30: Went to California Craft for beer sampling, then lunch at some friends’ place and watched the new Star Wars movie.


December 31: Visited Stanford University, Palo Alto Downtown, drove down Dumbarton, posted in front of 1, Hacker Way! Topping off with year end party at Marriott at San Jose.


January 1, 2016: Drove down the breathtaking Highway 1, went to Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Old Fishermen’s Wharf, sampled clam chowder and bought some for dinner. Loved it!


January 2, 2016: Santa Cruz all the way! What a breath taking experience. We parked the car and walked down to Natural Bridges State Park and beach. There from we walked along the rocks just off the beach to the Santa Cruz downtown. We had lunch at 99 bottles of beer, walked to the wharf and then on to the amusement park and spent a lot of time there. As the air started to get chilly, we headed back to the downtown, spent time at a book store and had coffee at Peet’s Coffee and Tea before heading back!


January 3, 2016: Went to the Farmer’s mart, and had lunch at the Panda Express. Afternoon was spend shopping for groceries a Safeway , pet supplies at Pet smart and with a cup of caramel macchaito at Starbucks.


More to follow soon!

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  1. Nice to see you call my home “foreign soil” and write about places I know so well. Welcome to California. My favorite place in the world.

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