Exclusive preview of #Zica from Tata Motors: the campaign, the event and the ZIppy CAr!

Its not everyday you get to visit a tropical beach and holiday paradise to witness the exclusive unveiling of a car that has been making news waves via spy shots and speculations and when you do get the chance you have glorious visions of perfection in your mind and let me tell you it was even better than i imagined.

We were invited for an exclusive preview and of the new ZIppy CAr from Tata Motors ahead of its launch next year. This hatchback is the newest and supposedly the most superbly engineered car of its segment from the Tata Motors stable yet.

My acquaintance with the car began a few days before I was invited for the exclusive event in Goa along with 59 other bloggers from all over the country. The bits and snippets were mostly in the form of spy shots and speculations by various news, automobile and some tech publishing platforms and blogs.

This is how the weekend began.
I was booked on a flight from Kolkata to Goa via Mumbai. I reached the airport at 6 am on Saturday morning for the 8 am flight and met a 2 other city based bloggers on the flight with wonderful photography blogs.

The flight was interesting in itself. I flew over the city I was born and raised in, experienced enormous turbulence over the Chota Nagpur plateau (which I am told is normal) and flew onward to Mumbai. I saw wind mills glistening in the sunlight like tiny white specks on  an undulating and other wise arid landscape.

The descend was smooth as the plane went out into the sea and then turned back for landing..circling the enormous barges and the ships below.

The plane took off with a new set of people from Mumbai to Goa. Goa was an ethereal sight! The rocks glistening on the beach below and the aquamarine water glittering in the warm tropical December sunlight.
Thereafter a shuttle was waiting for us bloggers (now around 8 of us) to take us to the breathtaking Alila Diwa resort in south Goa. We winded and whirled through the rural roads, getting a taste of rural life in Goa and its heritage and culture in the form of old buildings in varied architecture. (For all my western readers, Goa was a Portuguese colony.)

After a warm welcome at the Alila Diwa by the members of Tata Motors and the awesome team from Indiblogger, we headed for lunch at the Spice Studio where all the other bloggers were already assembled and were having lunch. After a brief round of introduction with the people seated on the same table as I was, we checked out the itinerary and got ready for the Gonsua beach trip at 3:45 pm.

I took my room keys and went to the room. The room was simply amazing .After a quick change into a tropical airy beachwear, we headed to the beach. After another session of photographs, network and a game of football (as it turns out Lionel Messi is the ambassador for the #madeofgreat campaign from Tata Motors) before returning to the room and getting ready for High tea and Bloggers networking session.

The weekend was one of the rare ones where you can add work and networking and still have loads of fun while meeting amazing people.

The evening opened with a glorious networking session for bloggers and team selection for the next day’s test drives through the roads in Goa. Thereafter, we prepared for the briefing and a locker room session to be followed by cocktail and dinner.

Some of these social media themed cup cake pictures are by fellow blogger, Subham!

Then we headed to the locker room. The music from the erstwhile world cup theme songs blaring and the bright lights flooding the room immediately transformed the entire scene. We had specific lockers assigned to all of us with a Tata-Motors Messi tee shirt and other cool merchandise waiting for us.

We were taken on a exclusive preview of what went on behind the scenes that led to the birth of this new hatchback from Tata Motors.

Cyrus Sahukar was our host for the evening as we were taken in turn by turn through various branding, design and engineering aspects of the car by key team members from TATA Motors.

Turns out the brand needed an image synonymous to their campaign #madeofgreat and therefore Messi was their choice. Not only has Messi emerged undisputed and at the top of his game, he is also very young and is someone whose image has not been excessively commercialized. Owing to the fact that the brand wants to feel attractive to the under 35 segment that defines what it needs as “it has to be/look/feel cool”, the brand has redesigned its exteriors and has given attention to detail in the form of design of the vehicle, smoothness and colour in varying natural and artificial lighting , the tail lights and the experiment with the logo itself giving it a more dynamic and 3D edge. Further more, apart from a powerful new engine and dual modes for steering ( for different city conditions), changing and relocating rooflights,the new honey comb grille in the front, shape of the door handles (sleek and stylish) changing the roof lining and two specially inbuilt apps for turn by turn navigation and  playing music “juke car” app (either pre-loaded or added on the go) so that everyone can listen to their own tracks.

Apart from advanced features like air flow through the cabin , seats bolstered to be comfortable and ergonomic, and therefore providing more leg space; the engineering aspects have taken into account smoothness of suspension for a smooth ride on varying degree of bumpiness of the roads.

The interiors have been redesigned with a new colour scheme with a dual dual tone colour and customisable air vents, dual air bags, intelligent use of space like 22 utility spaces, a huge boot spaces and shopping bag hooks with weight markings.

Some trivia:

* the Zica has been tested /driven for over 2 million kilometres ( 5 round trips to the moon)
* Platinum, Palladium and Rubindium has gone in to the making of this car
* the car has 7 bottle holders and 2 cup holders
* the speaker grille on each door has about 3500 surfaces for the best acoustics( the acoustic experience was great, by the way)
*the boot has a capacity of 242 litres of storage space. (We have also added a picture of the team members checking out the space for visual clarity).

This car sure packs a package and will definitely earn some brownie points for the “cool” generation.

For day two , we teamed up in to 20 teams (10 for the top trim petrol variant and 10 for the top trim diesel variant along with each car being assigned a Tata Aria support vehicle during the drive)

We took up challenges sent to us from other bloggers via twitter and each team undertook the mission of completing some fun challenges (added below are some pictures of the challenges with the explanations)

ZICA preview launch
We have goaled a #Zica!!
Here's the map of all the action happening
Here’s the map of all the action happening

zica tweet 3

The car was smoooth! And the drive was uber enjoyable. Although I dint like the colour we were assigned… I loved the sunburst orange variant!

The car gas a Revotron (3 cylinder) engine for the petrol variant and the Revotorq (3 cylinder) engine for the diesel variant, with 14 inch alloy wheels.






20151206_085929 (1)


Key highlights based on design ~ drive ~ connect is outlined below.

  • The Next Gen Connectnext Infotainment system has been exclusively designed by HARMAN for an amazing acoustic experience.
  • First in Class smartphone enabled Turn By Turn Navigation App
  • First in Segment Juke Car App
  • User configurable vehicular settings for a personal touch
  • The new revotorq 1.05L diesel engine is making a debut in this car.
  • The first in segment multi drive modes: CITY and ECO to provide fuel economy matched with driving experience.
  • Dual Path Suspension and a gear shift indicator


This car does have some features of the”COOL” and will definitely make heads turn with the amazing colour scheme and first in segment features, design and driving experience.


If you require specific technical details, do write to us in the comments below and we might do a follow up for this post. Happy Sunday!


  1. BlogwatiG says:

    Ah, a crisp review. It was fab being in the same team as you, girl. Wonderful to have connected. Much love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A. M. says:

      The effervescent BlogwatiG, it was amazing connecting with you!! 🙂 🙂 Hope to meet you soon once more!

      Liked by 1 person

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