Career Options in the Health Sector

There are so many interesting career options to explore in the health sector. If you want to do a job that helps people, this industry could be the one for you. To help you find which job in the health sector is right for you, here are some of the common career options to consider.


Paramedics are responsible for responding to emergency situations. When someone is in distress or has been injured, these are the people that come to their aid. We all know this, but not many of us think about what this means for paramedics. They are always moving from situation to situation, and none of these will be the same. The range of different situations that they have to respond to is vast, meaning a broad medical knowledge is essential.

career options in health sector

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Occupational Therapist

Some people are unable to carry out many of the things that we take for granted. Occupational therapists try to help people to regain as much independence as possible. They have to create individual treatment programmes for people to give them the best chance of becoming independent. It’s not an easy job, but it can be rewarding.


Radiographers use imaging technology to look inside the body of a patient and diagnose a problem. There are many different types of scans that radiographers have to carry out. The most common one though is the x-ray. So, whenever anyone breaks a bone or is suspected to have broken a bone, they will come into contact with a radiographer. They have to buy radiation glasses to stop them being exposed to the dangerous rays involved in the process.


If you have an interest in food and nutrition, and how this relates to human health, a job as a dietitian could be ideal. They translate scientific research and information into diet plans for individual patients. It’s about taking the needs of the patient into consideration coming up with a plan that will be best at helping them. Some dietitians get involved in sports nutrition and work with professional athletes and sports teams.

General Practice Doctor

General practice doctors are the frontline of healthcare for ordinary people in communities. These are the medical professionals that people see first of all when they have a medical problem that needs to be addressed. They have to have a broad medical knowledge. And then they can go and refer the patient to a specialist who will be able to give them further help if necessary. Having good communication skills is something else that’s vital.


Midwives are the people who provide support and care for women during pregnancy. They are there for the mothers throughout the whole process. They oversee the pregnancy, labour and postnatal period. You have to be willing to build relationships and be friendly and hospital at all times if you want to succeed in this role. They work both in the hospital and the community in their jobs, so travel and flexibility is a key part of the job.

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