Gearing up for the Great: Flying to Goa for Tata Motors’ Zica launch!

December is here! It’s also the time of the year when all the excitement bubbles up and spills over. From film festivals, to classic car rallies, music concerts, and from literary events to college fests; this is the time to unwind and revel in all the glory of  life and herald the new.

Keeping up with the spirit, Tata Motors is unveiling its new, game changing car and is all set to redefine “benchmarks in design, drive dynamics and human machine connect”.



60 bloggers from all over the country are flying to Goa for this exclusive unveiling of the new hatchback from the Tata Motors shed, the #Fantastico Zica! We will be going on a test drive around Goa and would be completing several, exciting challenges!

zica tweet_1


While we bring you exclusive details and pictures, you can read all about the car that’s been in the news lately, here and here.


Here’s how I am preparing for the trip! Since this trip is work and fun all rolled in to one, I decided to pack clothing, accessories and other essentials that imbibe both the worlds. Starting from my cocktail dress that has elements of both quirkiness, fun and is designed in the lines of a formal event, to the semi formal, ethnic print jump suit for all the day time activities and events.The climate is tropical so there will be summer time temperatures even in December, and light, flowy fabrics are the best!


Other essentials that (any frequent traveler has ready all the time) include:

  • camera, power packs, other related equipment
  • tickets, ID cards, other essential documents, insurance (if applicable), basic medical kit, cash and cards
  • sunscreen, calamine lotion, lip balm, sunglasses, light breathable garments, hat (since this is the tropical sea side)
  • Visiting cards/ business cards, pocket notebook, and a pen

Over and above this, personal articles and grooming products etc can be integrated based on the individual’s requirements!




Stay tuned for exciting updates and exclusive pictures!


  1. vaskar says:

    We await a great car from Tata Stable.After Nano ,Zest and Bolt it is time Tata made the real impact


    1. A. M. says:

      We are eagerly awaiting the unveiling!


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