How To Make A Big Noise About Your New Blog

Starting a blog is an excellent way to begin a new business idea. But, there is so much competition out there it can be hard to cut through the vast swathes of noise out there in the blogosphere. You might have heard about bloggers getting tens of thousands of visitors every week – and that they earn a pretty penny from it.



But, there are many more that get virtually no visitors. So how do you go about trying to get to the same level as the former, and far away from the latter? We can’t guarantee you success, but follow this short guide and you should get all the clues you need.

Understand your audience is not you

Some bloggers make a great success of writing about their everyday lives – but they are rare. The most popular blogs understand who their audience are, and what they respond to. Of course, it can be hard to know exactly what these things are when you get started, as you have nothing to base it on. So, keep an eye on your analytics and look out for your most popular posts, and the ones that people respond to. And, once you know, give them more of what they expect.

Solve problems

Everyone has problems, and many of us struggle with the same things. So, imagine the effect if you could solve one of these issues. People will be happy to have found an answer – ar part of the answer – and are more likely to share it with others.

Find authority figures

Whatever your niche is, try and find the industry thought leaders in that industry. Get involved with the conversations on their blogs, and build up a relationship with them. Once you get to know them better, ask if you can write a guest post, or offer some of your own advice. They have a larger audience than you do, and it will be great for building your exposure. Especially if it comes with an endorsement from the blog owner.

Improve your link building

Link building is a dirty word for many marketers these days, but it is an essential tool in boosting your search rankings. Link building describes the art of having a link to your website on somebody else’s site. But, as some sites are deemed to be of higher quality than others, you need to be careful. Look at universities or government websites, and see if you can offer them some info that they don’t have. You can also use press release distribution services if you are launching a product, or have some interesting research to talk about. And, of course, you can also approach successful blog owners to see if they will link to your site as we mentioned above.

Do something newsworthy

Finally, don’t forget about the way many businesses become overnight successes. They push the boundaries and make people take notice. You could do something for your community, or publish a report in your local paper. You could even go down the route of the likes of the BrewDog brewery, who, by antagonizing half the population, won over rabid fans from the other half.

Well, there you have it – good luck getting your blog out there. And don’t forget, it’s all about making the right noise – in the right places.



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