Incredible Internet Marketing Techniques Your Business Needs

There are certain things that every business owner needs to do if they want to be successful. One of the biggest things you should think about is your marketing strategy. Marketing is such a pivotal part of every business. If you don’t have a good strategy, your business is going to struggle.

By marketing your business, you’re getting it out there. You’re thinking of ways to promote it to people and make a name for yourself. Bearing that in mind, here are some marketing techniques that your business must use:


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Social Media Marketing

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a huge growth in social media. Both as an entertainment tool and a marketing device. These days, you won’t find a business that doesn’t use social media marketing. Even small businesses can benefit from it. It’s the perfect way for you to engage with consumers and promote your business. Plus, it gives people a way to find your business on the internet. There are a few platforms that are great for social media marketing; my favourites are Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Marketing

When it was first created, very few people saw Facebook as a marketing tool. The more popular it became, the more people started to realise the opportunity it presented. With Facebook, you have an opportunity to market to billions. It is the most-used social networking site on the internet. The best bit? It’s now made marketing easy. There’s a whole Facebook for business section, to help business owners with their marketing. There are loads of ways you can market your business on Facebook; the key is getting yourself out there. You want to try and get your business seen by as many people as possible. This means creating a Facebook page and trying to get people to like it. You can promote your page on Facebook so people will see it. You can also post adverts, and links to your website for people to click on. It’s a great way of trying to gain customers.


If Facebook is the most used social networking site, then Twitter isn’t far behind. In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that Twitter could overtake Facebook in the next few years. It’s certainly seen a dramatic increase in users. This is music to your business’s ears! As popularity increases so do marketing opportunities. Twitter is simply the best platform for communicating with your customers. The best businesses are ones that use Twitter in a clever way to engage with people. Some of the best business accounts on Twitter are ones that make people laugh. People love to laugh, so try and come up with tweets that will get loads of retweets and favourites. One viral tweet can be all it takes to put your business on the map! Also, Twitter uses hashtags very well and makes it easy to find people talking about certain things. You just search for hashtags relevant to your business, and you can find people that are talking about the same things. Thus, you’ve got a target audience to promote to.


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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This term refers to using search engines, as part of your marketing strategy. When people are looking for things online, they’ll search for them. Then, loads of results will appear based on what you typed into the search bar. There are thousands upon thousands of search results, but most people will only look at the first ten or so. The aim of the game is to get your website into that top ten by using various SEM techniques. As you can see on, there are three main SEM techniques, SEO, PPC & Local. I’m going to talk you through the strengths and differences of all three.


We’ll start things off with SEO, the most well known of these three things. Search Engine Optimization refers to making your website rank highly in search results. To do this, you will make various changes to your website. The key thing to think about with SEO is keywords. These are words or phrases people will type into search engines to see results. If someone is looking for something in particular, they’ll type that item into Google. The page will be filled by rival businesses that all sell that item. It’s hard to come up with a generic example because all of you may have different businesses. You should be thinking about keywords that are well associated with your business. When you have your keywords sorted, you need to start implementing them on your site. Stick them in the web URL or the content/menus. This will improve the SEO of your site and help it get higher in the rankings.


Secondly, we’ll move onto PPC, which is a paid marketing technique. The idea is simple; you bid on certain keywords, so your website appears at the top of the search results. You may notice that when you Google things, there are a few sponsored links that appear above the normal results. These are links to websites that are using PPC marketing. It will get your site right at the top of the results, but, you’ll have to pay the search engine provider a certain amount with every click you get. So, it will cost you money, whereas SEO is free. But, you may see more web traffic and, as a result, an increase in customers.


The final SEM technique that I’m going to talk about today is called local. This refers to local search results, as opposed to general ones. What are local results? They’re search results tailored to the user’s specific location. If you search for something, there will usually be a selection of local results. These are links to relevant places/businesses in your area. Again, the aim for your business is to get close to the top of the local search results too. To do this, you’ll be using local SEO. This is similar to normal SEO but geared towards the local results instead of the general ones.



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