Setting Up Our New Office; Gearing Up For Business!

For the past few weeks, we have been working on a very special project; our new blog focusing on women’s lifestyle and financial resources. We have hired a new team consisting of writers and a graphic designer and hope to launch the blog and ancillary services in less than a month.


Our graphic designer and creative head has planned out the structure and layout of the visuals and its coming off beautifully!While we are going through the endless list of content development, brain-storming and the lot, we are super excited to be setting up our new office. It is a bright and airy unit with strategic windows that would stream in the mild, winter sunlight and not over heat the office during the harsh and heartless summers.


The logo has been designed and custom-made stationery, business cards and some merchandise is underway but we would be soon looking in to custom made logo cases and other accessories that would be indisputable in manner of importance as would a chic business card for our new venture. We haven’t yet decided on the perfect designs and colour scheme that would best define our psyche and motivate us every single day but we have worked up a few ideas nevertheless.



Moving forward, for custom build cases and accessories, I found a website Custom Logo Cases with a wide array of features to choose from and work with!

By planning to get ourselves custom built cases, we are not just considering it a part of the aesthetics but hugely considering the functionality aspect as well.

21scentury is all about gadgets. Most of us are gadget freaks and there is always a possibility of our beloved gadgets getting damaged. Apart from adding brand visibility and awareness when they are customized with the brand’s logo, these cases add longevity to your precious gadgets. The website gets you the personal touch for your gadget’s cases at really low prices. In fact these cases and accessories come with a money back guarantee and reach your doorstep (anywhere in the world) at no additional costs!

For strengthening your gadgets and safeguarding them against external damages, this company also offers hard cover and cases are made of polycarbonate, a very hard impact resistant type of plastic .

The benefits of hard covers are:

  • Scratch protection
  • Slim fit – don’t make phones or tablets bulky
  • Durability
  • Cost effective
  • Versatile –the cases and cover easily fit any phones or tablets in market today.

And they are also available in a variety of designs which will make heads turn.  If you are a true fashionista , style is one thing that you can never take for granted.


Though they have clearly defined sections catering to cases by device (iPhone, iPad, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, etc), by designs, industry, services etc, the site is easy to navigate but a bit difficult to figure out how to zero down on something that would suit you perfectly. They also have a variety of high quality covers, skins and sleeves for businesses and schools of all sizes, and naturally for various devices.

In short Custom Logo Cases is the place you should check out if you need orders (for accessories- earphones, screen protectors, Bluetooth keyboards, power banks etc apart from cases) as small as 10 in number to several thousands, whether you are a fashion designer, an artist or  own a small or a large business (they also cater to schools or educational institutes); they do promise a wonderful experience.


Did I mention, ^this^ is my favourite segment of their website?!

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it – Peter Drucker  



©2013-2015, The Idea Bucket. Written by Amrita. Edited by Ananya.

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