The Virtual Alternative to Exit Polls

The news on the ongoing campaigning for the 2016 US presidential polls is everywhere. Even if you are sitting halfway across the world, and you just read Mashable daily, you have probably not missed any of it.



So, we bring you a website, Ballot Snapshot , that is all for revolutionizing Exit polls.

How does it work?

You simply have to visit the site and participate in an anonymous poll that would take up less than 30 seconds of your time. You will then be directed to a results page where you might choose to add a snapshot that will be reviewed by the editorial team and any personal information or other sensitive content will be removed or blurred out. Adding the snapshot is not compulsory but they would appreciate it if you submit one! The site is neatly laid out and organised and is very easy to navigate and work with.

Also, please note that submitting the picture of the government ballot is a crime (ie, taking a photo of your ballot and sharing it with other people!), also do not submit pictures of your location (city, country, state) or identity. You can simply submit pictures with humorous intent, or as the site suggests, “prayers, religious icons, and ‘family friendly’ images”.

Sounds interesting? You can even purchase ballot related hardware and software from the site, including ones on Ballot tracking and Reporting, Informational Directories, Survey on Issues, Party Specific Analysis, Ballot Initiatives and tracking among others. They have a huge repository of software for all poll related requirements.

You can also participate in the simple surveys featured on the main page of the site right away!

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