Indiblogger, in association with BergerXP, brings you a Stupendous Meet!

My idea of good company is the company of clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company.– Jane Austen

Is there anything better than being in company  of people who share the same interests as you and you spend an entire evening sharing incredible insights, making new connections and bridging divides?

The uber interesting team at Indiblogger brought us an incredible evening with their indomitable spirit, team-work, passion for blogging (and ((ICH WILL!!))!!!! rock!  YEAH!!!) and got the energy surging through the historical ball room at the Oberoi Grand in the City Of Joy!

Introductions Collage



After the usual round of introductions, most of us started feeling at ease in a room full of old friends and new acquaintances, Berger introduced us to their brilliant and revolutionary ideas changing the paint-scape! For instance, among the products showcased as an aid to painting a house or a building, I found the hand held, sanding machine with its inbuilt vacuum pump, the high-pressure washer, to the science behind the roller and air-less spray very interesting! I found the demo on jet spray (the high-pressure washer) totally smashing and very helpful because we live in a warm , humid climate and the growth of micro-flora like algae and bryophyta is an inevitable and damaging part when it comes to buildings and older structures and completely mars their beauty!


I also learnt a few new things, like an apartment of the size of a 1000 sq.ft. has a paint-able area of 4200 sq. ft. Isn’t this single piece of information helpful in estimating your budget for your new round of house painting? That’s not all, manual labour covers 400 sq ft of paint-able area per day on an average but done with machines, this shoots up to 1300 sq.ft. and reduces the man-days substantially! Anyone remember those horrible, work and time problems from school days? Well, this is much more simple than that!! 🙂

With another round of beverages and snacks, we interacted and networked with fellow bloggers and found instant connections through common ideas, interests and outlook! I also met a ton of fellow bloggers from my city: Shreya from Fashion Baubles, Aman from Rise For India, Aditi from Book Stop Corner, Amit from Amit’s Diary, Debjani from Kitchen of Debjani and many others!

We had a lot more conversations with the representatives from Berger as we discussed how life is getting fully automated from personal finance to painting your walls!

BergerXP is truly all for its self-explanatory tag-line “Faster, Cleaner, Better”.

Onward to a lot more fun activities, that involved the scrub of our which I mean, we were divided into groups of sixes and eights, buckled up, turned ourselves into surgeons, and got on with the task of the hour: sanding the board with all our might with precision, timing and the sweat of our brow! And it was really fun!! 😀

Berger and the Indi team provided us canvases and painting equipment and cute little tins of Berger paints. We thought of a social topic that we would like to depict and portray on the canvas and got on with mixing colours and painting to our heart’s content! We made great new connections over these activities, channeling each others’ strengths and ideas. Or in the words of Samuel Butler, “People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy.”


There were sparks of creativity in the air and ideas run amok as the groups decided to go for burning issues like climate change, female infanticide, domestic violence, emancipation of women and so on.. We chose to work with the idea of a world in 2050. More specifically, how the propagation of technologies such as Biotech will help stabilise the financial ecosystem from the ground level up and bring technologies like algal -biofuel, and innovative small scale fodder and medicine production systems for indigenous communities and rural women in an aid to promote financial independence and sustainability. (Takes a break for breath!)

Another round of networking followed where we discussed about blogging and ourselves in general, we headed off to dinner and chit-chat!

After a prodigious dose of networking, fun, culture, interaction and activities, we headed off home.

I started pouring out all the details of the event and new line of products from Berger and quoted facts and figures that I had picked up during the meet, well enough to impress my father and make him decide to try it out the next time he is planning a paint-over!

i blog!

That pretty much sums up everything! ‘ICH WILL’ to meet the amazing bloggers and the Inditeam soon! Inditeam, you guys did a great job at anchoring the event and holding us all together!

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