What is a Pallet Courier?

A pallet courier, or pallet delivery company, is a shipping and delivery company who utilizes pallets to organize, package and ship goods. Pallet delivery is a preferred shipping and storing method for a variety of businesses because it is both cost effective and highly efficient.


The Process

The process involves stacking goods or containers on a pallet, which is typically made of wood. A pallet, or skid, is a flat platform that allows a stack of goods to be lifted and moved by a pallet jack or forklift. Plastic or metal pallets may be used instead if they are better suited to the goods or the transport method to be used.

After they have been stacked, secures the goods on the pallet to prevent them from moving or becoming damaged during transport. The courier can achieve this in a number of ways. Strapping allows the shipping company to secure the goods to the pallet itself. Stretch wrap and shrink-wrap are used more commonly and secure the goods themselves into a neat stack. The pallet provides a stable foundation, not unlike that of a building, which allows the stack to be easily lifted, making for a more efficient shipping procedure.

The Advantages

This method of shipping is also popular because it simplifies the storage and handling aspect as well, streamlining the process and maximizing the use of available space. Because pallets are easily lifted and moved, and because they can carry upwards of 1000 kg, they provide an ideal method for loading and unloading goods, as well as neatly stacking them. Many pallet couriers also offer warehousing services, giving the customer a place to store their goods without having to contact a third party warehouse.

Pallet delivery can be a better way to ship goods outside of a business context, as well. If you need to ship a large item, or several large items, that are heavy or difficult to lift, a pallet courier will be able to ship it when other couriers are unable. In fact, many items that would be appropriate for pallet delivery are too large or too heavy to qualify for regular courier service, as such companies have strict guidelines that items such as these would likely fall outside. A pallet courier will also be able to better ensure that your goods are transported safely and their condition maintained. This can be especially important if your item is fragile, such as a sculpture.

There are several pallet couriers from which to choose. Prices for their services vary based on the dimensions of your goods and how you would prefer them to be shipped. For instance, shipping by sea will likely be less expensive than shipping by air for international or intercontinental shipments. In the end, though, it is up to you to decide which pallet courier is the best option and can provide the best service for your shipping needs.

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