The fastest just got faster: How to make the best of unbelievable speeds!

I have been using an Airtel connection for as long as I can remember. Later when I forayed in to the domain of online entrepreneurship and freelancing, my needs with regards to speed and connectivity on the go for my mobile device kept evolving.

The upgrade from the 2G to 3G was a gradual process for me but I’ve never looked back. Not only has it helped me streamline my work more productively, it has also not interfered with my research, planning, writing and publishing tasks. Also, I would not have to depend on slow connections or external Wi-Fi hotspot availability if I am running low on time for an important business related task. I can simply use my high speed Airtel network and use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot for my laptop and get on with the work swimmingly!

So its only natural that I ride on the tide of higher speeds that directly reverberates for more efficiency and more productivity for online, micro entrepreneurs. That’s why when Airtel announced its new Airtel 4G services, I sat up and immediately took notice.

So if you have been excruciatingly pained over a slow net connection, your wait is over! Airtel has already launched its new 4G services! The country’s largest telecom provider has become the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services in all major cities across the country.

As you upgrade to a flashier new device enabled with a 4G LTE for work or for play, you will need an internet that matches up to it whether you use it to stream videos for your friends, watch the latest games , download movies on your mobile device or simply want to use the power of the internet optimally for your business related tasks.

Airtel is doling out 4G speeds at 3G prices. You get the same benefits that come with your 3G pack but you will be able to experience very high4G speeds at no additional costs. Simply go to the website and get started with 4G. All you will need s a 4G enabled device, a 4G SIM and a 4G plan and enter your mobile number and check if you are 4G ready. If you are ready, request a SIM and it will be delivered right at your doorstep for free! Apart from that, you can choose between post-paid and pre-paid services and also choose to opt for myOptions with unlimited benefits or the usual 4G with the existing Airtel plans.

The major highlights are:

  • Availability of the 4G services at 296 cities across the nation!
  • You get the 4G service at 3G prices
  • The SIM is delivered at your doorstep free of charge!

That’s not all, you get to experience download speeds of up to 100Mbps and upload speeds of nearly 50Mbps! And no more overnight movie downloads or frustration of streaming low resolution videos.

If you are all set, just go over to twitter and tweet with the hashtag #GetAirtel4G and request a new 4G sim at no charge!

You can also opt for a demo and get a first hand experience of the 4g service at your nearest Airtel store.

Or, take up the Airtel challenge: If your network is faster, Airtel will pay your mobile bills for life!!

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