How to choose a baby oil for the baby?

Its been known since ages that a good massage for a baby actually helps in muscle and bone development of the baby. All the varieties available spoil us for choices when it comes to picking up one for a baby. But, what constitutes a good baby oil?

To start with, it should be devoid of artificial constituents and fragrances while providing maximum nourishment for the baby’s skin.

Baby oils not only provides the much needed nourishment for the development of the bones and the muscles and also to provide relaxation for the baby and moisturize the skin.

The baby oil is chosen depending on the type of skin the baby has or based on the condition the baby’s skin is suffering from. The commonly used mustard oil can cause irritation to the baby’s skin due to it’s chemical constituents and pungent odour. Hydrated creams can cause irritation due to the presence of some forms of chemical constituents used in detergents. Similarly peanut oils can also cause problems and create allergies in the baby skin. If the baby has eczema, vegetable oils are best avoided because of the presence of oleic acid that is harsh on the skin. But the essential fatty acid, linoleic acid is helpful for the baby’s skin.

Mineral oils devoid of perfumes are a great option to heal the baby’s dry skin.

The types of oil that is generally considered good for the baby:

Olive oil is a popular choice as a baby message oil. But it should not be used when the baby’s skin is facing some problems like dryness or eczema as it might aggravate the problems.

Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin E. There may be many variants available in the markets so one should stick to the purest, unscented version as possible.

Dabur baby Massage oil contains both almond and olive oils that apart from helping in faster bone and muscle building, also does not contain artificial colours and chemicals. It is paraffin free and dermatologically tested.

Calendula oil has a mild fragrance and has a soothing effect on the baby’s skin.

Sesame oil is a pretty popular oil for baby massage during the winter because of its thick consistency. It generates a lot of heat and should be best avoided in summers.

Coconuts are rich in nutrients and the oil obtained is full of nutrients and is great for the skin. It is also used as a massage oil for babies even in hot and humid conditions. This oil can be quickly absorbed in to the skin and can help soothe skin conditions like eczema, rashes etc. It also contains anti-oxidants and supposedly has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial roperties.

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Author: Anya

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