Is a travel insurance really important?

Being a spontaneous traveller, I have a bit of an advantage of not undergoing the feeling of stress at the thought of taking spontaneous, unplanned trips unlike my mom who loves to visit new places but is completely stressed out at the thought of an unplanned trip.

My trips usually comprise of road trips or hopping on the plane. Though I like road trips more than taking flights, flying is inevitable sometimes. I came across an article from Rewardme on why it’s important to have insurance while travelling.

Rewardme is a site that has great articles on topics ranging from skin care to health to family life. Its easy to completely lose yourself navigating the site.

As I am contemplating a bit of travel soon, this article on “Why Your Itinerary Is Incomplete Without Travel Insurance” from Rewardme is a pretty comprehensive one.

Of late, I have never skipped out on insurance while travelling, sans for a particular reason; while flying to and fro to my parents’ place from the city where I work or while visiting someone close. Apart from that, I never ever skip on insurance while flying. It probably has nothing to do with the terms of the insurance itself or that they are superfluous or something but it’s only for an added peace of mind.

(According to the article) Features of Travel Insurance:

– Coverage for in/out patient hospitalization along with daily allowance.

– Personal accident cover in case of permanent disability/death.

– Coverage for contingencies related to personal possession.

– Coverage for loss of baggage and passport.

– Coverage for expenses related to trip delays.

As the article outlines, the benefits of Travel Insurance:

– You can buy a policy online and get instant policy issuance.
– No medical checkups are required to avail of a travel insurance policy

– You can avail the benefits of uncomplicated cashless hospitalization, in case of a claim while travelling.
– Inevitable events like lost passports, stolen bags, trip delays and cancelled flights will not ruin your entire trip.
– Get enough compensation to return home or cover untimely expenses as and when they occur.

 What I learned

Its usual to skip purchasing travel insurance when someone is travelling by a train. Surprisingly enough I wasn’t aware of the fact that travel insurance even spanned for railways.

Insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions leading to hospitalizations and problems created due to political unrest etc.

Sometimes, especially while booking flight tickets, there is a one click system of buying insurance. It is convenient and hassle free and usually the best option when you don’t have time to analyse, decide and choose from among the options. These are pretty economical as well.

The benefits and the exclusions vary from policy to policy. If you are a frequent traveller, you can compare various policies and purchase the one the suits you before hand. This way, it saves time and money while purchasing individual tickets while planning the trips themselves. If you are not a frequent traveller, a short term, on spot option is preferable.

Types of travel insurance coverage ranges from Domestic to international, corporate , student, family and single and senior citizen plans.

For eg, individual travel insurance covers cancellation of trip, home burglary and trip curtailment.


Do you always purchase insurance while travelling? Do you have any tips on the same? Please share with us in the comments.


 I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

Author: Anya

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