The Pet almost spoiled the day and AmbiPur saved it!

Contributed by Rhea

My mother’s co-workers were coming over for lunch. She was twittering away everywhere, decorating, deciding on the menu, tiding things up at every corner, scolding the pet dog whenever he came through the door with muddy feet and constantly telling me to stop listening to music and lend a hand!

After deciding on a fantastic menu, my mother strapped on her apron and busied herself in the kitchen while I tided up the rooms. Occasionally Dino, my retriever would whine and give me his melting look urging me to play but I had to control myself and stay focused.

Dusting, scrubbing, mopping everything went on full schedule throughout the morning. Occasionally Dino would huff and puff and bring up his toys and nudge me on my legs with them to get some attention but today was just not his day!

By the time it was 12 in the noon, everything in our house looked shiny and bright and my mother gave a conquering  laugh and went off to get ready. I did the same.Her friends were to arrive in a few minutes. I was petting a snoring Dino while my mother had shut her eyes for a quick nap.

The worst thing possible happened that very moment. Out of nowhere, Dino pooped right in the centre of the drawing room! The lack of attention all morning had gone in to his head and he could think of no other way of regaining his pedestal. The stench filled the apartment and was enough to make a person faint! My mother switched on fans and opened up all the windows in the hopes of getting rid of the smell but I knew it was no good. A good perfume was needed to remove this so I went to my room and brought my perfume out and spritz it around the room. It resulted in a whack on my head by my mom who screamed at me for wasting expensive perfume when there were air fresheners at home. Oh. Yeah. I had forgotten about those. My mother immediately went and brought out Ambi Pur Lavender and Vanilla room freshener and sprayed it everywhere. The room filled with the smell of sweet lavender and delicious vanilla and the stench was gone in a jiffy!

ambipur room freshner (via)
ambipur room freshner (via)

The doorbell rang and my mother greeted her guests graciously and led them into the living area. I stood there with Dino, smiling and looking at my mother and Ambi Pur. They sure saved the day!

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

Author: Anya

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