3 Reasons I like ‘MyAirtel’ App

When Airtel launched “My Airtel” app, it was one of a kind. Other telecom operators soon followed suit.

I did not think that I would be needing yet another app in my phone, but of late I have increasingly found myself in situations where a handy telecom app would not be a bad thing to have in my phone.

Since I use a pre-paid connection, my usage and necessities have changed as I have transitioned from a student last year in to an office-goer. Currently, my communication modes involve more of emails and calls made over the internet rather than through the telecom operator. But these modes do have their short comings. Recently , I was left stranded without a WiFi, a heavy dwindling cell-phone balance because I had to use the internet from my talk time balance and had no money left in my account t make an emergency phone call.I absolutely abhor tedious dial-ups for instant recharges, or asking my closest friends to transfer talk time balance in to my account. A post-paid connection might have seemed a way out but I was unhappy with the bills I was wrecking up when I had first started college.

All of these factors contributed to my decision  to download the app and give it a try. I am the sort of a person who downloads an app as an absolute necessity so that they serve their purpose and I don’t end up wasting my time on the myriad of useless apps.

Description of “MyAirtel” app from their site:

“My Airtel App with its simple and intuitive design helps you manage all your DTH, Broadband, Prepaid & postpaid services in one place. Apart from amazing offers for post paid and pre paid users it also helps you pay your bills, recharge your DTH, track account usage, track service requests, buy products, add your family & friends’ numbers and much more. It’s the simplest way to manage all your Airtel services through your handset!”

Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

The Features that suit my lifestyle best:

1.Usability and Safety:

screen-shot from my smart-phone

I am usually a bit wary of online transactions but PCIDSS certification makes the app a secure way to pay bills and recharge.

I like the fact that I can easy recharge my prepaid connection and also get a 3G recharge on the go.

Additional features include Digital TV DTH recharge ; this does not work for me as I hardly watch televison  and, data card/ dongle recharges as well.

2. Free stuff and perks with every recharge!

screen-shot from my smart-phone

I like the feature “Airtel Surprise” coupons that are doled out with every recharge. We can redeem these coupons for shopping, food, entertainment etc.. There are vouchers and discounts for Flipkart, Cafe Coffee Day, Ebay, Amazon and VLCC among others.

This is perfect for me because I can plan out and optimize my purchases based on these benefits.

3. It’s incredibly handy and easy to use

screen-shot of the app from my smart-phone

The set-up and the registration is fast and easy and then you are good to go. The fact that I can turn off unnecessary features and services with ease is also a welcome feature. The simple, user-friendly interface gets more brownie points! I will hopefully not find myself stranded without talk time balance and my mother worrying her heart out in the future.