My First Expert, My Mother!

I remember when I was young, my family took a holiday trip to Mukutmanipur and we stayed at a resort. After a long day of fun and excitement, everybody gathered around and started planning for the next day. I wanted to put my ideas as well but since I was barely 7, my inputs were rejected. Though, it was ten years ago, I still remember that I was very sad, and felt left out. It had nearly brought tears to my eyes and I was sure nobody had noticed them as I tried very hard to blink them away. But a pair of gentle, watchful eyes had noticed everything.


Every step and every action made by me had been registered by the one woman whose eyes and mind were not on the chatter in the room but on me. Smiling, she took my hand and led me away from the noisy gathering and we went outside the room and into the backyard where we were greeted by the star-light and the cool breeze. We stood there for some time admiring the huge trees and the small hills and listened to the crickets. She was patting my head gently.

“You should go inside or you will miss all the fun,” I remember telling her.

“My enjoyment comes when I am with you and when you talk to me and tell me all your wild ideas,” my mother had replied. I was speechless. She then suddenly took my hand and we walked up a small hill. After reaching the top, we looked at the cabin below where our family was. We then ran downhill, hand in hand, in full speed; laughing and screaming. This was the first time we had ever done it. I was breathless! I didn’t know she could do that! If I knew, I would spend less time being afraid of her because she was my mother and more time being with her, because she was my friend too. She was so AMAZING!! I was in awe! She quickly climbed up again and we ran down again. We did this for so many times. My mother never broke into a sweat. She was so happy and so full of energy. The sudden rush I felt when we ran down the hill hand in hand made me feel like I had conquered the whole world all by myself. All I needed was to hold her hand. Her grip was there to tell me that I am needed and very much loved.

I remind her of that day and she smiles every time. “It was the best day of my life.” She always says. For Me, she is the best woman on the planet. She is my angel who is always looking out for me even when I am sure I am being ignored or slighted. My actions are being noted every day by the pair of loving, proud, beautiful eyes of my mother.

Written by Rhea

Reach out to your first expert with a loving message and tell them how much you need them. We are reaching out to our first expert, our mom with Godrej Expert.

Published by Anya

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