Classic Car Events Across Europe

By Bradley Taylor

For many years motoring enthusiasts have organised a series of rallies, events and exhibitions wherein they can meet with fellow collectors in order to swap stories and mechanical parts, as well as to test the power of their historic vehicles in a variety of endurance and speed competitions. Listed below are five of these classic car events that take place across Europe. Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned classic car enthusiast or a novice collector, these events enable you to indulge in your automotive interests:

1 – Icelandic Saga

Icelandic Saga

The Icelandic Saga is an eight day classic car event that takes place from the 18th to the 25th April 2015. During this time a group of classic car enthusiasts will travel from Akureyri to Reykjavik all the whilst marvelling at the vast natural landscapes that Iceland has to offer. Although the Icelandic Saga was originally intended to be a competitive event, the organisers have allocated sufficient time so that all of the participants can fully experience the natural wonders of Iceland; from lava and ash fields to breathtaking waterfalls.

2 – Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience

Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience

In recent years automotive manufacturers have created a series of classic car driving experiences wherein enthusiasts have a chance drive their dream vehicles. Out of all of these classic car driving days, the Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience is one of the most popular. By visiting Jaguar’s private test facility in Fen End, Warwickshire, you will be able to drive iconic Jaguar models around their track. From the definitive Le Mans D-Type racing car to multiple E-Types and the XKSS from the 1950s, the Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience is the perfect experience for fans of British automotive history.

3 – 1000 Mile Trial

1000 Miles Trial 2014


Organised by the Royal Automobile Club, the 1000 Mile Trial is a time honoured classic car event that tests the automotive talents of both novice and experienced motorists. This year’s event takes place from the 13th to the 18th July and all owners of pre-war vehicles in the United Kingdom are eligible to compete. Throughout this automotive event competitors will visit a variety of historic castles, automotive museums and quintessentially English stately homes amongst other landmarks. As a result, this event has attracted a wide range of support from motorists who are committed to preserving the automotive and cultural history of pre-war Britain.

4 – Beaulieu Mini Cooper Register Rally

Beaulieu Mini Cooper Rally

Automotive company Jardine Motors recently reported that the Mini has become renowned as “the people’s car. Affordable, innovative and part of the automotive furniture of our great island…That’s why the Mini is Britain’s favourite car”. Consequently, a series of classic car events have been created wherein fellow Mini enthusiasts can compare their respective models and revel in the wonder of these iconic British vehicles. Out of all of these events, the Beaulieu Mini Cooper Register Rally is one of the largest and most popular. Held on the 14th June 2015, the event allows Mini collectors to view a range of Mini Coopers, from 1961 models to the latest editions. Moreover, you can even visit a variety of stalls in order to acquire exclusive parts and accessories for your beloved vehicle.

5 – Classic Marathon 2015

Classic Marathon 2015

If you are looking for a European classic car adventure then the Italian Classic Car Marathon is not to be missed! Traditionally commencing from Tower Bridge, London, the event permits classic car competitors to travel across the continent to Cortina, Italy before returning to the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall, London. If you own a heritage vehicle that was manufactured before 1990 then you are welcome to attend this seven-day adventure that starts on the 14th June 2015.

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2 thoughts on “Classic Car Events Across Europe

  1. The first car I ever owned was a ’32 Standard. I’d used my student loan to purchase it – not wise, but it was the ’60’s and wisdom was scarce and fleeting at best. The brakes were unreliable and I got into the habit of gearing down to reduce speed. Gear changes required double de-clutching, a process that apparently created a certain amount of heat, so much so that the descent of one particularly steep hill caused the clutch plate to ignite. Once the billows of black smoke subsided and I’d reviewed my options, alone and stranded in the wilds of Wales, I got back in that dear little car… and drove away. We never discussed the incident again, Car having made it clear to me that I was to go a little easier on its clutch. That little car had heart! I’d like to think it’ll have the opportunity to trundle down to Cortina. I think it would like that 🙂


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