The Inspiration for EARTHBOUND

Note: Keeping in mind my original ideas for this blog (started out as “a perspective” to document a writer’s thoughts and perception of the world), I decided to dedicate a few posts every month to “Writing “. And all the rest of The Idea Bucket posts will be delivered as usual. 



Well, this is post is basically an introduction to the series of posts that I have decided to write as my journey as a writer; the highs and lows, the acceptance and rejections, the bliss and dejection and so on and so forth..

For a writer, I guess it’s a tremendous achievement if she is able to write that “one” book she always wanted to read. I guess it was true in my case. I have written over a dozen short stories and a novella, but my first novel “Earthbound” was the story I always wanted to read. The process of creation was enjoyable (What could be more enjoyable for a writer than to be able to think and write unhindered?!) But as I was working on the story line when I was twenty, I went over it again and again, changing it multiple times, and when it was completed last year, I suddenly felt a rush of feelings ranging from a feeling of loss to immobility. I did not want Earthbound to conclude as a story. I had to keep it going on. To help it grow as I grew. To give more depth and dimension to the characters I had grown so fond of. I had to know what would become of them and I had to create a world for them to live on.

Living Bridges made by the villagers in the North East. (Some parts of 'Earthbound' were based on my travels in the enthralling North-east; a part of the explanation of the title comes from there.)
Living Bridges made by the villagers in the North East. (Some parts of ‘Earthbound’ were based on my travels in the enthralling North-east; a part of the explanation of the title comes from there.)

Out of these lingering feelings and impatience of getting back something that had become an integral part of my life, I decided to continue the story and left subtle overhangs in it (not interfering with the main plot). I wanted Earthbound to remain with me for ten more years of my life, probably twenty. To take the main character into her thirties and beyond as I ventured into mine…

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7 thoughts on “The Inspiration for EARTHBOUND

  1. Thank-you for visiting my blog and the likes. After reading the description for your novel Earthbound on Amazon I decided to download and read it. I’m mostly a science fiction – Space Opera fan but like to read a good mystery every now and then since I grew up reading the Hardy Boys and Nancy drew mystery books.


    1. That is interesting 🙂
      Even I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys (passed on by my mom and uncle) before moving to Agatha Christie and Somerset Maugham, and I believe I got inspired to create intriguing story lines (and add a dash of mystery and suspense) from them..
      I hope you like ‘Earthbound’ too..


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