Generating “Bio-electricity” from Leaves

One of my Professors told us about an interesting research that has been going on in the field of Plant science. Scientists are now trying to develop “bio-electricity” from leaves by capturing the electron that gets released during the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which the sunlight gets converted into energy in the form of carbohydrate, and oxygen is released as a by-product. This process utilizes carbon dioxide and water. There fore, if electricity is generated artificially by this process, no carbon dioxide is produced.


(Process of Photosynthesis explained briefly; picture source: Wikipedia)

Research is still in it’s initial stages and, algae, a plant like organism, is being used and it’s photosynthetic system is being utilized for the generation of electricity from the living cells.

Electricity, if produced in this manner will be one of the safest and  an environmentally favourable alternative to conventional sources of energy. But scientists are still wary about the cost-efficiency of this process.

Here is the actual article I wrote in the online news blog I work for:  Deriving Bio-electricity from Leaves | Jharkhand State News.

Wishing a happy new year to all you wonderful people out there!

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  1. There’s a lot we can do with algae. The lipids, for example, can be used to create all sorts of fuels to power all sorts of things in this world.


    1. Yes it does, since plants utilize CO2 during photosynthesis to create carbohydrate, and the by-product is oxygen. So in this method of electricity generation, scientists use electrodes to scavenge the excited electron from the photo-system and the process does not release CO2 in the atmosphere. So, it’s clean and green!


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