The Vintage and Classic Car Rally

1949 Humber Hawk (l), 1949 MG (TC)

The Vintage and Classic Car Rally has been a major attraction to me ever since I was a kid. I wanted to be in Calcutta when the event took place but something always came in the last minute and I couldn’t make it. But last year I finally did. I had no exams or any other kind of hangups and the weather was crisp and beautiful.

THE FLOWER-CHILD JSmobile (b. 1924) belonging to THE STATESMAN

The Rally is organised in the first week of January (usually). For anyone, who’s in Calcutta or planning a visit around that time, it’s a must-see. The passes are available for free at the Statesman House (the national daily, The Statesman is the organizer)  and it’s best if they are collected by the last week of December. The updates about the event can be found in the newspaper or the Statesman website.

The classic and the vintage cars and bikes are paraded through the Red Road and the Outram road before they come for display and judging at the Fort William, Eastern Command Sports Stadium.

Beautifully restored classics and vintages include exclusive models of the Rolls Royces,  Morrises, Rovers, Jaguars, Packards, Auburns, Cadillacs, Chevrolets,  Plymouths,  Rileys, Nashes, Adlers,  Humber Hawks , Buicks and a lot more. It’s truly a breathtaking sight on a sunny and bright winter morning when these beauties roll by majestically driven by the owners mostly dressed in accordance to the period of the car’s manufacture.


1961 MGA







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