Fisherman’s Cove: A vacation with an edge.

After months of being bogged down with studies and work, I got an unexpected break. My father simply announced to us that we would be driving off to a new place in the interiors of the country and spend a couple of days there, exploring new stuff. I simply stuffed a few clothes in my bag and took  my camera and hopped into the car and drove away from the city with my parents and my little sister. Our destination was decided upon only after we had reached the national highway.

Our first stop was a little sea-side town, a hot spot for tourists at this time of the year. After basing ourselves at a resort there, we decided on the next leg of the journey. After breakfast, the next morning,  we drove down to a small fishing bay along the same coast and spent some time at the village community there.

The quaint little fishing village was far removed from the main highway and as a result,  hardly got any visitors from the outside world. It had its own processing unit and ice factories and everything ancillary to the fishing industry.We wandered about for some time in that village, deeply inhaling the sea-air laced with a distinct saltines. The village had a structured layout with a grain house, markets, tailors, medicine stores, clothes stores etc,.  The main revenue was from the supply of sea-food to the inland and from exports. And they maintained and lived on lines of traditional methods of fishing and preserving the catch. It was an entire ecosystem. Protected and stable. The people had everything they needed to survive in that little far-flung place. Their only association with the outside world were the transport trucks that transported their produce and the local harbour that was spilling with trawlers.

Visiting that little village was a new experience for me as I saw for the first time how an entire community lived off fishing and maintained their traditional way of life and were seemingly unruffled with the world around them.

Published by Anya

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