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Welcome to The Coder Chick!

Join us on our journey as we build more sustainable lifestyles, and document building new tech and lifestyle businesses.

Previously The AuthorPortal, The Coder Chick has evolved over the years as we have transitioned from college students to professionals in the big-data tech field. 

As <The Coder Chick>, I have spent around 6 years as a research software engineer and a data scientist in medicine and ag-tech; working for both academic institutions and major corporations in the United States.

Although I primarily work on gene therapy pipelines and a science and business liaison for drug discovery and development, I am passionate about supporting small, lifestyle based businesses and working on building my own. 

I hope you join me in this journey and let's build something together!

You can reach out to me at

Stay tuned for details on my tech consultation business and follow me for the behind-the-scenes of my new sustainable lifestyle business!

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